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Infants (6 weeks - 12 months)

At Walk Leap Grow Early Learning Center, our Infants are treated as ROYALTY! Eachchild’s needs are met on demand by one of our loving caregivers who provide eachInfant with specialized attention. Our Infant room caters to each child’s schedule and works with each family individually. We have an open-door policy and welcome all parents’ to visit their Infants at any time. This will allow parents to see first-hand the special care and attention their child receives daily. Our program is created to focus on each child’s abilities and needs, allowing our caregivers to plan activities accordingly.


Health & Safety

Each classroom is kept neat and tidy, keeping up with state regulations and the center’s standards. All toys are sanitized throughout the day to provide your child with a neat and clean learning environment. All of our classrooms are self-contained to ensure that your child will be supervised at all times. Each child has a personalized crib where they can be comfortable while resting or napping.


Our security system will keep your child safe at all times. All of the main doors are
controlled by up-to-date- electronic equipment restricting access by unique combination codes issued only to parents and authorized personnel.


Parent Communications

Communication between parents and caregivers is of upmost importance at this age. Through our communication application, parents will be able to communicate with their child’s caregivers and administration with the click of a button. Every morning before drop-off, each parent will communicate with caregivers to inform of any special instructions for the day and their child’s last feeding and diaper change. A daily report will be completed by caregivers, and then provided to parents at the end of each day.



Before an infant can speak using words, they communicate with their caregivers through cries, facial expressions and body language. Our caregivers engage the infants with various verbal activities such as singing songs and rhymes as well as reading books to them and practicing simple repetitive words and phrases to try and build up their communication skills.

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

t is imperative to an infant’s growth to establish fine motor skills from birth. Our teachers use various techniques to develop the movement of the small muscles in their tiny hands. We encourage our infants to grasp small, age-appropriate sensory toys and eventually hold their own bottles and pick up finger foods.  As your infant develops, it is also important that they acquire gross motor skills to control their movements. Infants develop the growth of their large muscles by observing with their hands and becoming mobile. Our teachers encourage “tummy time”, music and movement and practicing sitting up.


Cognitive Development

Infants begin to develop cognitive skills from birth. They soak in knowledge from their surroundings, experiences, and interactions with others. Infants begin to recognize simple things such as the sound of their mother’s voice, or the beginning of
their favorite nursery rhyme.  They begin to babble to the sounds of songs, explore different types of textures and explore with their hands and mouths. Our caregivers will read to the infants, play simple games such as Peek a Boo and blowing bubbles to stimulate their minds as they grow.

Toddlers (13 - 24 months)

Toddlers require fun and educational activities, in an environment that fosters language, social, emotional, and cognitive growth and development. Our teachers encourage children to explore, discover, invent, and experiment while they gain an understanding of the world around them. Creating opportunities for individual and group activities, while integrating a caring and nurturing environment for your rapidly growing toddler is our goal and commitment. Our enriched curriculum gives each child a variety of experiences in language development, imaginative play, music, art, sensory and physical development.



Walk Leap Grow Early Learning Center’s toddlers are given many opportunities throughout the day to explore. Areas of play are designed to encourage the children to use a variety of materials and learning equipment to initiate curiosity and language development. As the toddlers are busy exploring their new environments, their caregivers are there to provide a balanced schedule full of fun and learning in a nurturing, safe and comfortable environment.


Cognitive Skill

Toddlers are constantly acquiring information from their surroundings. Our teachers
establish the growth of cognitive skills by encouraging children to explore through our enriched curriculum and using various resources such as reading books, symbolic & dramatic play, sensory and open-ended activities.

tree letters.jpg

Language Development

Toddlers begin to acknowledge the meaning of their words to express their wants and needs. They soon begin to imitate others, follow simple instructions, and expand their vocabulary. Our teachers help with the recognition of common items using simple flashcards and will encourage repetition and participation. We also practice good mannerisms by using “please and thank you” throughout the day.


Social & Emotional Skills

Toddlers begin to develop social and emotional skills by acquiring trust, acknowledging their surroundings and expressing their emotions. At Walk Leap Grow Early Learning Center, our teachers give each child the ability to establish relationships and to control their feelings. We encourage each toddler to help others, clean up and take turns.


Fine Motor Skills

Toddler’s small hand muscles are constantly developing, so our teachers encourage the use of fine motor skills throughout the day. The toddlers will soon begin to use large crayons for coloring, and painting with appropriate paintbrushes. They will also begin to

use a spoon to feed themselves and practice washing their hands.


Gross Motor Skills

Toddler’s large muscles are used more frequently as they grow and develop. Our teachers have creative ways to help develop their large muscles by practicing throwing and catching, climbing into their chairs and sitting properly, jumping and spinning, and running around, all of which is practiced on our age-appropriate playgrounds and classrooms!

Twos (24-36 Months)

Walk Leap Grow’s increasingly independent two-year-old children are guided
to enhance their language and socialization skills. This is achieved by incorporating
children’s literature, music & movement activities, and arts & crafts. Our trained teachers are attentive to meeting the needs of your naturally curious and active two-year-old. Our goal is to give your child everything they need to grow into a happy, healthy, and successful individual. Our two-year-old program is designed to prepare your child with the skills necessary to enter our Georgia Pre-K program.
We provide continuous opportunities for your child to grow physically, mentally,
and emotionally in a developmentally appropriate and friendly environment.

Twos Classroom Environment.png


Our two’s program provides an environment which is filled with numerous opportunities for a child to learn through exploration. Areas of play are designed to encourage the children to use a variety of materials and learning equipment to initiate thinking and learning.


Cognitive Skill

Two-year-olds are becoming aware of how meaningful learning is and how useful the information they retain is used. They begin to develop problem solving skills and being independent. Our teachers use various activities to keep their minds stimulated.

boy reading book.jpg

Language Development

At the age of two, a child’s language development is rapidly growing. They will evolve
from two or three word phrases to full four or five word sentences. Our teachers use
various tactics to encourage each child to communicate properly such as answering and responding when they are spoken to. At circle time each child is given the chance to recite the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, days of the week and months of the year


Social & Emotional Skills

Two-year olds are truly beginning to acknowledge their own individual personality. Our teachers help each child cope with their emotions in an appropriate manner. Each classroom is made up of learning centers to help improve these skills by playing with
others imaginatively and dramatically. Our teachers also encourage sharing, taking turns and positive communication between each other.


Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Two-year olds develop their muscle growth with various motor skills. A two-year-old
begins to properly feed them self, walk up and down stairs, jump up and down, and
balance on one foot. Our teachers help strengthen motor skills by incorporating physical activities with daily tasks. Among the fine motor skills that are implemented, the children are working from left to right to set the foundation for reading and writing in the proper direction. Our teachers also promote the proper way to hold crayons, pencils, glue sticks and markers, and incorporate hand gesture sequences into songs as well.

Pre-K (3-4 Years)

Children are excited to learn new things and are extremely inquisitive at this age. They love to ask questions about where things come from and how they work. At Walk Leap Grow Early Learning Center, our curriculum is designed to enhance your child’s inquisitiveness by providing many opportunities to engage through exploration and hands-on activities.



Our classrooms consist of learning centers that include age-appropriate materials for preschoolers. Each preschool classroom is designed to give your child the opportunity
and freedom to explore in a variety of learning areas, such as art, language and writing, blocks, math manipulatives, science, social studies, and computers.


Cognitive Skills and Language Development

At the age of three, children will be actively learning language skills and becoming
extremely inquisitive. We practice letter recognition, identifying their own names and
engaging in conversational skills. Our circle time gives each child the opportunity and confidence to initiate their cognitive and language skills. Our teachers encourage each child to express their feelings, questions asking and learning through play.



In our Preschools, mathematical concepts are incorporated into classwork and play. The children will begin to recognize numbers, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Our teachers use a variety of manipulative and sensory toys to help develop math skills. Each month our curriculum focuses on a different concept, allowing our teachers to plan activities and enrichment activities dedicated to helping our students understand and master the material.

pre-k group.png

Social & Emotional Skills

Parents and teachers will begin to notice children becoming more independent, both socially and emotionally. Our teachers provide opportunities for the children to enhance these skills throughout the day while learning and playing. The children are encouraged to share, take turns and have a better understanding of how others feel. Our teachers help the children to understand positive and effective ways to express their emotions appropriately.


Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Our three-year-olds begin to use their fine and gross motor skills hand in hand with
learning and play. Our teachers act as models as they guide the children towards the proper way to hold a pencil, use scissors appropriately and turn pages in their favorite book! Our age-appropriate outdoor playground is the perfect setting for the children to help strengthen their large muscles. Each classroom has an individual time in the morning and afternoon to ride the tricycles, climb on our playground equipment and just use our open area to run, jump and practice throwing and catching a ball.





Georgia Pre-K (4-5 Years)

Our Georgia Pre-K program is a great place for kids to learn and grow! Students are taught new concepts and skills by our teachers, and our curriculum is designed to enhance your child’s skills and give them many opportunities to engage in learning in an exciting way through exploration and hands-on learning. One of our main focuses in Pre-Kindergarten is preparing your child for kindergarten. From letter and number recognition, to mastering control of cutting, gluing and holding writing utensils, we make sure every step is taken to prepare your child for their next step in their education.



Our colorful classroom includes various centers where kids can learn and grow. Technology is used within the classroom to enhance your child’s academics. This technology allows students to get the virtual experience of “going” to another state, visiting a virtual farm, or looking into outer space! Students are able to discover their greatness through the various activities, both hands-on and technology-oriented, to help them grow into independent students!


Language Arts

In order to prepare for kindergarten, our pre-k students are all in when it comes to the alphabet! Students practice writing letters and then advance to words as they progress throughout the year. At four years old, you will begin to see a large improvement in vocabulary and problem-solving skills. Your child will begin to use connecting words and adjectives frequently to express themselves. Your child will begin forming words from letters and then forming words into sentences. The children have a better understanding for daily routines such as mealtimes and classroom scheduled activities. Your child will soon begin to identify all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet as well as the sounds of each letter. Our teachers begin to introduce sight words and encouraging them to properly write from left to right. Teachers share stories, enhancing the children’s literacy, speaking, and listening skills. Students learn to make connections and feel the emotions that characters feel in the stories.


Social Studies

How can you be a good friend? How do we love and care for others? Teachers focus on these important questions and instill positive messages and practices into students’ lives each day through discussion, role play and stories. Students learn about the world around them and how they can become positive members of their community!


Mathematical Concepts

In our Pre-Kindergarten program, the children are continuously learning a variety of math skills. Students master the number sequence and recognize patterns and shapes. Teachers use many different methods to assist students, including hands on activities involving colors, manipulatives and sorting, and introduce comparing, positioning and the size of items. Our enriched curriculum is used to enhance mathematical concepts in

fun ways.



Students in our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are given the opportunity to explore science in many ways. Technology is frequently used to allow students the luxury of
exploring different animals, landscapes, planets and environments from all around the world, from the comfort of their classroom! Students learn about how the world around us functions and works to give us our basic needs to live and grow.


Social & Emotional Skills

Our four-year-old students begin to gain a better sense and understanding of themselves as well as the feelings of others. Teachers guide each student with the proper tools to solve conflicts. Each Pre-Kindergarten classroom begins integrating
classroom guidelines and routines for a better knowledge of right and wrong. You will begin to observe your child playing well with others, taking turns and building meaningful friendships.

motor skills pre-k.png

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Developing a strong foundation of motor skills better prepares our students for
kindergarten. Teachers and Parents begin to notice an improvement in their handwriting and coloring skills and their movements becomes more dexterous and controlled. Students are given ample opportunities to practice and strengthen their gross motor skills on our age-appropriate outdoor playground and in the classroom play areas.





Before/After School


We provide care for school age children: 

• Before school
• After school
• During school holidays
• In-service holidays

• During the summer


Our program compliments the school day by providing a more relaxed change of pace with many opportunities of choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Summer Camp (5-12 Years)


At Walk Leap Grow Early Learning Center’s Summer Camp, children age 5-12 years old are brought on academic and educational adventures! Our summer camp has the best of both worlds: students have the luxury of ‘vacationing’, all while learning simultaneously from their experiences! Walk Leap Grow Early Learning Center's summer camp turns your child’s summer into one they will never forget that’s full of fun, learning and lifelong friendships!


Each week, our curriculum is designed around a theme to have your child learn and
explore. Whether they travel back in time to when the dinosaurs roamed or build their favorite castle during Lego Week, children are always exploring and learning with hands-on activities. Our summer camp empowers the children to take a problem solving
approach, which allows for critical thinking. At Walk Leap Grow Early Learning Center’s
summer camp, we use our imaginations to create, investigate and learn!


• Movies
• Science Center
• Planetarium
• Bowling Alley
• Mini Golf
• Zoo
• Coca Cola Factory
•  Chocolate Factory

• Splash Park
• Fun at the Park

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